Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

Welcome and Opening Remarks from Senator Jeff Merkeley


Keynote: The Evolution of Statewide Wood Energy Teams
Julie Tucker, US Forest Service National Biomass Lead
Learn about why SWET’s were created and the importance of their continued existence. Participants will hear about SWET accomplishments, how influential they can be, and the Forest Service’s continued commitment of support for these valuable teams.
Statewide Wood Energy Teams

Wood Energy Team Profiles

Statewide Wood Energy Teams (SWET) use a collaborative model to foster biomass energy markets. In this session, team leaders will highlight project development successes, and ongoing challenges.

Chuck Hersey, Washington Department of Natural Resources: WA Forest Biomass Coordination Group

Devany Plentovich, Alaska Energy Authority: Alaska Wood Energy Team Profile

Marcus Kauffman, Oregon Department of Forestry: Oregon SWET

Martin Twer, Montana Department of Natural Resources: Montana Wood Energy Team


Panel: Walking the Talk – Converting Federal Facilities to Bioenergy

The panelists will discuss how wood energy can help their agencies meet the renewable energy Executive Order at both the facility and national level. Lastly, the panelists will discuss how the SWETs can partner effectively with federal agencies to promote wood energy systems at the state, regional and national levels. 
Bob Deering, US Coast Guard: Implementing Biomass in Federal Facilities

George Northcroft, General Services Administration: Wood to Energy 2015

Chris Tremper, Federal Energy Management Program: Federal Clean Energy/Renewable Requirements and Biomass

Craig Volz, Oregon National Guard: Converting Federal Facilities to Biomass


Panel: Tall Wooden Buildings – Developments in Cross-Laminated Timber Speakers will provide an overview of CLT industrial and research developments in the Pacific Northwest and what steps are needed to ensure CLT becomes a viable component of our forest products economy. The panel will offer valuable insights you can take home to help jumpstart CLT efforts in your state.

Ethan Martin, WoodWorks: The Case for Cross-Laminated Timber

Todd Beyreuther, WSU Integrated Design Lab: WSU Mass Timber Research


Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

Keynote: What New England Can Teach the Northwest
Through many ups and downs, market adoption of modern wood heat has lurched forward in the heavily heating oil dependent NE United States.  Messaging, marketing and policies can work to gain broader awareness of the economic and environmental benefits of wood heating.  While the western states have challenges unique to this region, the lessons learned in the NE can help to chart a course for future commercial success of modern wood heat, and the healthy forests and rural communities that will result.

Charlie Niebling, Innovative NR Solutions: Advanced Modern Wood Heating


Panel: Catching Fire – Biomass Success Stories from the Pacific Northwest

This session will celebrate biomass heating projects that have successfully integrated into the culture of a community. Because we all understand that biomass is not an easy energy solution, there will be frank discussions about the lessons learned during the project development and implementation.

Andrew Haden, Wisewood: Harney Community Energy, An Update

Jonathan Kusel, Sierra Institute for Community & Environment: Plumas Energy Efficiency and Renewables Management Action Plan (PEER MAP)

Karen Petersen, University of Alaska: Biomass Heating Systems in Remote Alaska

Panel: Show Me the Money! – Financing Innovations

This panel will focus on what’s new in the world of financing biomass projects and provide some tips, tricks, and lessons learned from those who have been there, done that.

Andrew Haden, Wisewood: Financing Innovations, The Harney Community Energy Example

Kyle Petrocine, Wallowa Resources: 3rd Party Financing Overview

Debbie Schmidt, Mooretown Holdings: Mooretown Economic Development Corp

Dave Sjoding, Washington State University Energy Program: CHP Project Development [PRESENTATION FORTHCOMING]


Panel: From the Ash Up – The Emerging Biochar Industry

The biochar industry continues to grow!  Researchers report new findings that provide solid science on what char can and cannot do.  Manufacturers are moving their “bench and Beta” gasifier/pyrolyser models towards advanced degrees of commercialization.  The Emerging Biochar panel features four industry leaders who will provide up-to-the-minute reports on the nascent char industry.

Phil Appel, Ag Energy Solutions: Ag Energy Introduction

Tom Miles, TR Miles Technical Consultants: Advances in Biochar and Energy Conversions

Dusty Moller, Washington State University Energy Program: From the Ash Up: The Emerging Biochar Industry


Panel: A Complicated Game – Carbon Policy Trends and Opportunities

Gain an understanding of state and federal legislative and regulatory policies that address climate change and carbon emission reductions. In addition to an overview of these frameworks and policies, this session will focus on the implications and opportunities for woody biomass under each approach.

Charlie Niebling, Innovative NR Solutions LLC: Adding Biomass Thermal to State RPS Programs

Sara Bushey Ohrel, Environmental Protection Agency: Framework for Assessing Biogenic CO2 Emissions from Stationary Sources

Jessie Stolark, Environmental and Energy Study Institute: Biomass and Carbon Policy Trends

Thursday, October 29th, 2015

Panel:  A Tree in Your Tank – Liquid Fuel Development and Opportunities

Forest biomass is the preferred feedstock for next generation biofuels in the West. Join us for answers to the following questions: What does the latest research tell us about economic and environmental sustainability? Who’s deploying these new biochemical and thermochemical technologies? What is needed to foster marketplace success?

Daren Daugaard, Cool Planet Energy Systems: Cool Planet Wood to Energy

Rick Gustafson, UW-Advanced Hardwood Biofuels: Advanced Hardwood Biofuels NW- Laying the foundation for PNW biofuels and bio-based chemicals industry

Jeff Manternach, Red Rock Biofuels: Company Overview

Martin Twer, UM-Bioenergy Alliance Network of the Rockies: A Tree in Your Tank

Mike Wolcott, WSU-NW Advanced Renewables Alliance: Envisioning Alternative Aviation Fuel Supply Chains for the Northwest